Throwing Darts

Join us as we literally dart across the US; pinpointing cities and towns of 30,000 residents or less! We interview a local, find out the friendly LGBT bars, restaurants, entertainment and more. This is YOUR America!

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Gays don't only exist on the East and West Coasts! Each week we'll interview and profile the LGBT hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmans, athletes and more that make up that great middle America!   

Gaymers & Geeks

Who says comic books are old fashion? Have a local gamers night or addicted to the latest console game? Join our JAGG Contributor as he profiles a different segment of Gaymers & Geeks weekly! 

In Other News

Let's face it, when it comes to LGBT news the left controls the conversation; at we try to give the little guy the mic too! Join our Gay Republican contributors as they bring the latest LGBT news & opinion from the Right to listeners across America.

The Green Owl

Gay Bars used to be the center of the LGBT community, with modern technology turning conversations digital the gay bar is becoming a thing of the past. Each week we interview a different LGBT Bar across the US to see how they continue to create conversations!

Bentley's Stage

We know, you probably want to talk about the latest Hollywood gossip and entertainment news; but we are Just the Average Gay Guys - join our Entertainment Contributor as we interview different LGBT entertainers from small town and up and coming authors, actors, musicians.

The Mystery Box

Every week we conclude our podcast with a entertaining competition between our profiled guests and contributors for the coveted JAGG Mystery Box!

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 "Create Conversations" - offline, with a handshake, free of sexual advances, ensuring you talk to someone new while bringing a friend. JAGG gave us something we didn't know we were missing in a world of chats, emoticons, swipe rights and texts: conversations with new friends created from complete strangers. Together we found out that there is so much more to life than can be viewed on a five inch screen. Seven years in the making, Just the Average Gay Guys is taking the conversations global!


"Creating Conversations"

Discovering the Average Gay Guys. Est August 2011




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Close your eyes and think about the words Pride, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, Out...

There isn't a right or wrong answer, but we are guessing that the images in your head right now are probably filled with people from online, movies, television, a character from a book or a favorite musician. The best part about being gay is being yourself - so why not celebrate all of us Average Joe's?! That's what is all about - discovering Just the Average Gay Guys and helping all of us discover that we are a little less alone when we discover who our neighbors are!

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